Wapatoa Team

Residency Period

Jan 08, 2018 – Feb 28, 2018


Wapatoa is comprised of three equally quirky individuals, Alix Feschotte, Parinha Seyhak, and Sokcheng Seang.

Alix FeschotteAlix Feschotte

At the age of 18, Alix’s parents were taken-aback, when instead of asking for a fancy new car, their daughter asked for a two-hundred-dollar series of cultural dictionary.  And that’s only just the beginning. Her interest in culture grew into an enthusiasm to work for an illustrative printing house in Paris. With no less enthusiasm and equal fervor, Alix reads and watches widely. Her personal studies ranged from geopolitics to religion to crazy contemporary Korean movies.


Sokcheng Seang
Sokcheng Seang

Cheng is from the new generation of Khmers who like to question old, previously unquestioned societal norms. She’s also a self-proclaimed interestingness gatherer. Her past-time is spent in talking to interesting people and reading interesting books; all in the selfish yet incredibly humane pursuit of making one’s life better. Some of the insights she’s gained were shared on her blog, Mschengcorner. Cheng is also interested in how languages work, through her love for literature and translation.


Parinha Seyhak

Parinha Seyhak 

If there’s one thing you should know about Pari is that he’s a geek. Most of his free time is spent on willingly watching hundreds of tech review videos on YouTube. Apart from his love for all things technology, he’s also passionate about war photo journalism, photography and videography- visual storytelling. He’s currently finishing his final year in the Department of Media and Communication.



Alix, Sokcheng and Pari will be putting work into perfecting the website, and creating content for the launch of a webzine called Wapatoa (meaning culture in Khmer). The bilingual website will answer the urgent needs for fun, intelligent content regarding knowledge that makes one’s life better. The content will be delivered in different formats ranging from podcast, to visual art and articles. It also features an e-shop where local artists can sell their creations without hassle.

Wapatoa is expected to be launched at the end of this residency. There will also be a launching event, accompanied by a talk from the founders.