Sylvie Khoy

Residency period

1 October – 14 November 2017

About Fashion Designer  

Sylvie is part of a new generation of cosmopolitan designers looking to bring different cultures together. Due to her many trips between France and Asia since childhood, and fluency in seven languages, Sylvie has acquired a fine understanding of society and culture. It is this openness to the world and curiosity that reflects her passion for what she does: she studied fashion management at Modart International and has complemented that with recent training in Paris that taught her how to make artisanal leather goods by hand. Her skills were enhanced, and know-how obtained through demanding positions at Dior and Lanvin in Paris, before her taste for travel lured her to Shanghai where her expertise were utilized at publications and brands such as Elle and Balmain. The culmination of her work eventually brought together fashion, art and culture at Wuhao Curated Store in Beijing where she worked intimately with confidential designers across Asia to search out, develop and stock their work.

The variety of experiences, Sylvie has accumulated throughout her professional and personal journey gave her new insights towards languages: more than a set of ideas and sounds, it brings a unique way of seeing the world and transmitting one’s culture. It is precisely this variety of emotions that Daily Mekong simply wants to convey in the words most heard in the mouth of Parisians through ‘Daily Mekong’, the first collection of t-shirts and screen printed t-shirts, a subtle invitation and minimalist discovery of the excitement of Parisian life.

IMG_0085 copie


Sylvie will focus on her new project Arom is a lifestyle blog that connects South East Asian artist at any form, the idea of this project is to share through the blog as a platform for Artist. This blog is about creating a new/different vision of what’s Cambodia and people through visual as photo shoot and videos. Through her different projects, she will collaborate with an artist that is able to see her vision and she sees his/hers.