View from outside

កន្លែងខ្ញុំ – Kon Len Khnhom (meaning “my place”) is an independent art space dedicated to building audiences and networking. It’s a place for art students, independent artists, curators, and researchers looking for an inspiring space to network and work on their individual projects, either short or long-term. We aim to connect, share ideas, and facilitate artistic knowledge between visiting artists, curators, and researchers. We also offer three residency programs: student-in-residence for Cambodia art students, as well as creative-in-residence and young artist-in-residence. កន្លែងខ្ញុំ – was founded in February 2017 by independent arts manager, Meta Moeng, and is located near the historic Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, known as S21, in Phnom Penh city, Cambodia.

Our slogan: “My home is yours”.