Chhiv Exthai

Residency period

August 11th –  September 25th, 2017

About student

Exthai is currently a student, studying architecture in National Akashi college of Japan. This year will be his fourth year for his study abroad. In his field, he loves historical architecture study and urban planning. He fond of learning about Cambodia history and art. He loves making new friends and socializing. His favorite activity during lecture time is walking around city seeing cityscape and livelihood.


Exthai will focus on his final year graduation thesis research ” the re-development of slum (sahakum) ”  in the Phnom Penh. The main objective is to propose a new method of re-development of slum through new form of social housing. During his stay in Cambodia, with assistance from his professor, he will try to reexamine the policy, method used for re-development of slum while also search for potential and architectural spatial characteristics of slum communities and its formation.