A team of 3 architecture students from RUFA

Residency period

April – August 2017student-in-residence

About students

A team of 3 architecture students from Royal University of Fine Arts: Ms. SING Bunny, Mr. RITH BoreyRak, Mr. LIM Rotha are taking their 1st residency at កន្លែងខ្ញុំ – Kon Len Khnhom, the light room.


Bunny, BoreyRak and Rotha will work on their thesis “ Kampot Historical Museum“. Below is their timeline of what they are planning to do during their 5 months of residency :


After thesis defense announced positive results from the university, they will share their project (thesis papers) with public audiences at កន្លែងខ្ញុំ – Kon Len Khnhom.